Resilience Building

When faced with adverse moments there are some people who are able to continue their lives while others find themselves almost paralyzed with fear, anxiety , depression, anger or feelings of hopelessness.

What is it about those who seem to be able to take things in stride despite being challenged by major stressors in their lives? Were some people just “born” that way?

The GOOD news is that there are coping skills that can be learned and practiced to build and develop resilience among all of us. We increase our awareness of how events impact our life, what attitudes and beliefs keep us from rising to the occasion, and how to manage these thoughts so that we can exhibit resilient behavior. What is resilient behavior? Managing to keep moving forward by creating energy from within that generates momentum and spirit.

This three part resilience building program is customized for your specific needs and challenges.

Part 1: You identify the stressful events in your life that cause you emotional and physical distress. (3 sessions)

  • Through the use of specific psychological tests we identify your personality type, your level of anxiety and/or depression and other emotional issues .
  • We identify the connection that emotional distress has on physical symptoms such as problems with sleeping, eating or addictive behaviors.

Part 2: You learn to identify your automatic thoughts and beliefs that impact your emotions and behavior when faced with challenging life events.(3 sessions)

Through CBT you learn to examine some of these thoughts and beliefs in an analytical way which provides you with a life skill of approaching challenge.

Part 3: You practice trigger identification, awareness of beliefs and attitudes. You learn to formulate and practice reframing thoughts as well as modifying your emotional response and behavior.

This practice becomes your coping style which you can use in any situations that can be stressful or challenging (2 sessions).

This is a private pay and customized individual program.

Customized 8 session private program - $2400 includes testing and evaluation