Primary Care Psychology

Practice whole person care by integrating your medical health with your emotional health.

Your physician and I, alongside yourself, can work together to help you manage both your physical and emotional health.

Staying healthy through exercise, good food and sleep is important. But we also need to learn how to cope with the many stressors that are in our life. Sometimes our coping mechanisms create problems resulting in anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction, phobias, withdrawal and destructive behaviors. We would work together to better manage our tendencies so that we can find healthier ways to manage our life.

  • We can use evidence based psychological therapies that have been proven to be successful in managing anxiety, depression, obesity/anorexia, fear, isolation and destructive behaviors.
  • Keeping your physician in the loop of our work helps create a continuity of care. This way you receive the total package.
  • I speak with your physician, we jointly agree on a plan of care and I send your physician regular updates as to your progress. If you are receiving medications, I can share with your physician regarding your progress with emotional health as well as any problems you may be having with prescribed medications that you may be using.

I have worked at NYU Langone with Primary care physicians towards integration of care. This resulted in more satisfied patients, saved both physician and patient time and money due to less repeat visits for non-medical issues and helped the patient feel that they were taken care of both physically and emotionally.