Older Adult Psychology

Being part of the Baby Boomer generation, we all have different expectations and experiences of growing older than our parents. Research indicates that our life expectancy in the US is increasing. This longevity gives us the ability to extend our dreams and life with our loved ones. And many of us are practicing a good lifestyle and healthy living to enjoy this extra time.

Epidemiological studies also indicate that with increase in lifespan there is also a higher prevalence of chronic and serious illness including depression, loneliness, and cognitive impairment. Finding purpose, meaning, regaining a sense of self and sometimes letting go of loved ones who have passed are often contributors to depression and other emotional distress.

To promote resilience and to enhance your quality of life:

  • I will be part of your team along with your physician towards achieving a sense of well-being in the context of both physical health and cognitive health challenges.
  • I will partner with you to help you identify your goals, purpose and sense of self through the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Mindfulness Therapy.
  • I will work to help your family caregivers deal with their own challenges in being present for your needs as you grow older.

I have been working as the Clinical Psychologist in the Geriatric Outpatient Clinic at NYULMC with older patients over the past few years. Patients who would not have otherwise sought psychological care found themselves feeling better and more clear about their purpose and goals after working with me and reported an improved sense of well-being on being heard, understood and validated. They were able to use their new coping skills to better manage their experience of getting older.

Older Adults Psychology