Non-pharmacological Pain Management

Pain takes place in many forms....

It can be from an emotional source as well as a physical source or both. Pain and emotion become cyclical, one following the other, in no particular sequence. But both need to be addressed for success.

Often patients are seeing a pain management specialist who helps them with pain medications. Because of the cyclical nature of emotion and pain, addressing the physical pain is often only part of the solution. Management of emotion when in pain or anticipating pain is another area that needs attention.

Dr. Ray-Mazumder has spent 5 years as the clinical psychologist on the NYU Langone Inpatient Palliative Care Team. She has successfully practiced non-pharmacological pain management techniques with patients who are dealing with emotional distress as well as physical pain. Dr. Ray-Mazumder also has special training and received her certification in Clinical Guided Imagery and Mindfulness training from the Huntington Psychosynthesis Institute. These management techniques include mindfulness meditation, visualization as well as clinical guided imagery.

Dr. Ray-Mazumder will work with you and your pain management physician to create a whole person approach to pain management.