Culturally Sensitive Therapy

Culturally Sensitive Therapy for persons of different ethnicities, sexual orientation or religion.

The diverse community of New York lends to different understandings of both physical and mental health. This leads to issues related to access and utilization of care. There is sometimes confusion when entering the Western medical system regarding the use of traditional medicines as well as the patient and physician expectations in their relationship.

What I provide:

  • In collaboration with your physician, I am able to provide a role of mediator, in helping both the patient and physician understand their perspectives.
  • In working with you in regard to your emotional health, I am able to listen to your unique experience where you are trying to navigate different worlds based on your culture, language, sexual orientation or spiritual background.
  • Through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy as well as mindfulness work, we bring a better understanding of how cultural and individual meaning of illness or disease impacts our physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • We achieve this in a safe and supportive environment, where you gain an understanding of your own beliefs and tendencies to create barriers, and you learn to practice ways of communication and behavior that are more likely to provide positive results in your life, work and family.

Coming from the perspective of an immigrant female Asian-American psychologist, I understand the hesitations, fear, and cultural dissonance sometimes felt among different ethnic groups when they interact with Western medicine as well as psychology.