About Dr. Ray-Mazumder

Dr. Shibani Ray-Mazumder believes in endless possibilities. What that means is that for every challenge or problem we face there is something to be learned or some different passage to take. Life brings with it surprising turns and bumps. It is up to us as to how to navigate through the rough terrain. And the answers of how to do this lie within us.

Dr. Ray-Mazumder is a licensed NYS clinical psychologist who specializes in management of emotional distress through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness therapy AND psychodynamic therapy. She has been expanding her practice at NYU Langone Medical Center for the past five years as the psychologist for the inpatient and outpatient palliative care teams. She has worked with individuals and their families who are struggling with serious and advanced illness.

Dr. Ray-Mazumder received her Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from Fielding Graduate University and her Doctor of Science from Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health. Her background in public health provides her with a perspective towards preventive mental health as well as mental health treatment.

Dr. Shibani-Ray Mazumder, Clinical Psychologist